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Mandako-Agri Landroller

The heaviest production roller on the market!

The Mandako-Agri Land Roller features a simply designed, easy to use triplex roller on wider models or a single roller on narrow models. Easy to use in the field and easy to transport on the road. Working widths up to 75′.


Mandako-Agri Land Roller


Check out our features:

  • Standard widths: 6′ 12′ 15′ 20′ 30′ 34′ 40′  42′ 45′ 50′ 60′
  • 62′ or 75′ five section
  • Custom widths available
  • 36” or 42” Drum diameter
  • 1/2″, 5/8ths” or 3/4” drum wall thickness
  • 3” drum shaft and bearing
  • Shaft extends into the drum and supported with 1/2” plate
  • 4” x 8” heavy wall material in frame
  • Load range E highway tires (10ply)
  • 2” 6000lb axles
  • Capable of adding water to the drums
  • Hydraulic wing lock system
  • Auto fold
  • Transport width 12.5′
  • Standard safety chain
  • Standard light package
  • Optional floating hitch kit
  • Optional acre counter
  • Optional Hydraulic wing wheel steer

Reducing repairs is only the beginning. As long as farming has been around, farmers have been looking for ways to reduce their repair bills. Finding cheap repair parts and low shop rates has been one way, but finding a way to prevent the wear and breakage on swathers and combines is a much preferred way of keeping dollars in the pocket. That’s where land rolling comes in. Many farmers see the land roller as part of there maintained program. The initial investment is not only quickly repaid by sickle bar knives and guards not breaking, but lasting much longer because the are not running in the dirt. Keeping rocks out of the combine also saves a bundle. A simple repair can start at a couple of thousand dollars but a major repair can quickly cost thirty five thousand dollars, all from a rock the size of your fist. And that doesn’t count the cost of lost productivity and renting a replacement machine.

But savings don’t stop there. Farmers are reporting many more savings from rolling there fields. Pulse crop growers consistently find an increase of 1 to2 bushel increase in yield on rolled fields, because they are able to cut lower, enabling them to get all the lower pods on the plant, but with less dirt in the hopper.

Lodged fields are easier to harvest with less left on the ground when they have been rolled. Farmers are also reporting a 10-15% increase in seed germination in dry years. Rolling increases the seed to soil contact and also seals in the moisture.

Another use that’s coming into its own is that of rolling corn stalks after harvest. This crushes the stalks, helping them to decompose faster and leaving the field in better condition to seed into. Rolling a field before seeding will leave an even seed bed which gives you better depth control with an air seeder.

Hay and forage land benefits from rolling in that rodent mounds and rocks are leveled putting them out of a forage harvesters way. Rolling alfalfa fields with 3-5 inches of regrowth, bends the stalks causing a more vigorous regrowth and more pounds per acre.

The land roller has become so much more than a rock roller in pulse crops. When a farmer has a roller easily available, it becomes a valuable tool in all types of farming. It works well in no till, minimum till or conventional till. It works in pulses, canola, grain, corn and forages. It works well in most soil types.

For more info on rolling and rollers call 701-277-1022.

Soil Compaction Comparisons

Some farmers have expressed concerns about soil compaction using land rollers.

Mandako-Agri Land Rollers with a 5/8” thick, 42 inch drum weighing 500 lbs. /foot.

  • If we assume 6 inches are on the ground, then psi = 6.6 psi.
  • If we assume 8 inches are on the ground, then psi = 4.9 psi.

Mandako-Agri Land Rollers with a ½” thick, 42 inch drum weighing 500 lbs. /foot.

  • If we assume 5 inches are on the ground, then psi = 6.6 psi.
  • If we assume 7 inches are on the ground, then psi = 4.8 psi.

Brillion 20” Cultipackers weighing 175 lbs. /foot.

  • If we assume 3 inches are on the ground, then psi = 4.8 psi.
  • If we assume 4 inches are on the ground, then psi = 3.6 psi.

Size 9 shoe:

  • If I weigh 160 lbs., soil compaction then = 3.8 psi.
  • If I weigh 200 lbs., soil compaction then = 4.8 psi.
  • If I weigh 250 lbs., soil compaction then = 5.9 psi.

Size 12 shoe:

  • If I weigh 200 lbs., soil compaction then = 4.0 psi.
  • If I weigh 250 lbs., soil compaction then = 5.0 psi.
  • If I weigh 300 lbs., soil compaction then = 6.0 psi.

Justifying the cost of a Mandako-Agri Land Roller

  • Assume the price of soybeans is $11.00/bushel.
  • Rental rate of a Mandako land roller is $3.50/acre.
  • Traveling at 8 mph with a 34’ roller, you can do 30 acres/hour.
  • Cost of a 160hp tractor operator at $70.00/hour is $2.34/acre.

So add $3.50 and @2.34 = $5.84/acre.

If you can harvest 0.6 more bushel/acre because of smooth ground (rocks, corn stalks, gopher mounds, etc. pushed down) and less sickle and machine maintenance (save time and costs) is it worth it?  ($11.00 X 0.6 = $6.60)  That does not consider anything for better germination (which more than likely will improve) along with more efficient weed control.

Also keep in mind that the flex head will be closer to the ground & harvesting the lower bean pods that previously were missed.  This can increase yields and additional 2 to 4 bushels/acre. The lower pods normally produce the best quality beans, and thus, increase profits.

Mandako Swath Roller

Axle Mount Swath Roller

Just a little wind can do a lot of damage to your crop. By using our corrosion proof polyethylene swath roller, you can minimize the damage. The roller flattens the swath giving it a well rounded shape. The ends of the drum press the sides of the swath firmly into the stuble, so wind cannot get underneath. The even swath will also make for fast and easy combining.

Mandako axle mount swath rollers mount easily to most self propelled swathers, using 4 U bolts on straight axle models or the optional substandard brackets on the New Holland and Case air ride models.

Check out our features:

  • 8′ and 10′ working widths

    Mandako Swath Roller

    Mandako Axle Mount Swath Roller

  • Hand or electric winch lift
  • U-bolt to rear axle
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Standard mounting brackets
  • optional brackets for New Holland and Case Air ride
  • Drum has two interlock pieces with reinforced center
  • 8′ weight 350lbs.
  • 10′ weight 400lbs.
  • Outside diameter 32-34
  • center diameter 22
  • One year parts warranty