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One Happy Fellar!

Sno-Way Plow

We want to share with you these great comments and pics from a recent customer who is really enjoying his new Sno-Way plow! Thank you, Brandan, for taking the time to share your experience with us!

Rhonda (at NCM),

Got home last night and I had to use the plow! I used it on the street in front of my house where the snow plow has not come to yet. The stuff was packed down pretty good. First pass was “float” and not bad. Second pass was with the Down Pressure. Got right down to the cement and just kept on going. I am very very pleased with the setup!

When I really enjoy a product, I always try to show it off. So the first thing that I did was go to Sno-Way’s Facebook page and posted a picture of my truck in the shop showing the plow. Their site administrator said: “We might be contacting you for more pics.”

Later that day, I went outside and saw that all the trees were covered in frost so, of course I took some great pictures. As you can see from the attachment, they came out really good. I posted one of the pictures on their site, and not only did they repost it on their page for everyone to see. The picture has been seen by many different people. Some people up in Canada said that they wanted one.

So of course, I posted on there that it was purchased from you guys. So I can only hope that you get some additional business.

I personally think that these pictures are better than the pictures on Sno-Way’s website for one simple reason, its a real snow plow taken when there is snow on the ground!

Thanks again.

A very satisfied customer!

Brandan Ressler

Mandako Landroller

Mandako Landroller 4


Heaviest production build land roller on the market.

Working widths:
3 section: 12’, 15’, 20’, 30’, 40’, 45’, 50’, 60’
5 section: 65’, 70’, 75’, 80’, 85’

Mandako is introducing their five section land roller

Now introducing Mandako Land Roller in new colors in addition to Black. Green or Red to match your favorite tractor color.

Mandako Agri Twister

Mandako Agri Twister

A vertical tillage unit that can be used for the lightest pre-tillage in spring or heavy residue incorporation in fall and everything in between.

In the fall, this allows for an effective management set-up and the ability to cut through the toughest residue leaving the rootball in place. Our coulter has the most rugged design in the industry and will withstand years of working residue; trouble-free.


  • Use it to incorporate chemical or fertilizer
  • Adaptable for strip-till applications
  • Hydraulic coulter angle control
  • Excellent trip clearance on coulter
  • Walking tandem axle
  • Coulter spring down pressure
  • Quick change hubs
  • Tires: Load Range E – 10 ply sidewall, highway trailer tires, 28’ and above – 14 ply or 12.5” flotation tires
  • 6000 lb spindles
  • Spindle: greaseable – double sealed, tapered roller bearings
  • Hydraulic selector valve
  • Hydraulic depth control

Machine Sizes:

  • Single Section – 6’, 8’, 12’, 16’
  • Three Section – 20’, 24’, 28’, 32’, 36’, 40’

Rigid or folding frame available

Accessory Options:

Coulter Blades:

  • 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” wavy – 18” and 20” dia.
  • Concave sawtooth edge blade
  • Razor option for a more aggressive cut
  • Flat bar or round rod rolling baskets
  • Spring tine two bar mounted
  • harrow – 9/16 x 26
  • Rotary harrow
  • 6” coulter spacing
  • Frame tubing – 6” x 6” x 1/2”
  • Hitch

Coulter Angle Adjustment from Tracter On-The-Fly
The unique independant coulter bar systems allows the operator to change the coulter penetration angle from a 2º to 9º or 0º to 7º angle allowing variable adjustments to any soil conditions and the ability to reach depths of up to 6” on-the-fly.